Consensus Reality Game
Consensus Reality

A Fun Game Using Intuition and Alternate Realities

GOAL: To build a consensus reality of shared responses, excluding one target person each time, until no one is left in the group.

SET UP: The game is played by four or more players, arranged in a circle. A stack of TOPIC cards include Psychology, History, Sports, Literature, Personal Questions, Films, Television, Science, Celebrities, Men, and Women. The game can also be played using questions that are personal, or reminiscent, in nature.

Consensus Reality is more than just a game. Depending on your point of view, it's a serious odyssey into alternate, interchanging realities.

At the quantum level, all possibilities are collapsed into one simultaneous moment: reality branches into parallel dimensions.

As you play this game, trillions of identical counterparts on trillions of other Earths are playing it simultaneously, almost interchangeably. The game's function is to facilitate parallel transfer -- crossing into, or from, an alternate reality -- a reality almost identical to ours. More details about the game's "interdimensional" cross-referencing (to reduce barriors, creating a "threshold" effect) can be found within the game.

Before you buy this game, there's one caveat: after the game's completion, one or more players could wind up in another, alternate reality. Although usually unnoticed, in some cases the innate differences between alternate planes can be radical -- for example, a parallel Earth where President Clinton is shot by Hilary after his affair with Monica. The creators of this game cannot be held responsible for this occurrence, presumably rare. All the risks taken must be yours alone to face.

As the online "museum curator" of Mind Bluff -- -- I am passionate about topics branded as psychological, intellectual, emotional, sensory, optical, ad infinitum.

That's why I am recommending to buy this game -- 100% satisfaction guaranteed (or your money back).

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